Is iPhone X the official name for Apple’s next smartphone?

It seems there’s still confusion over the name of Apple’s next iPhone, just days before the handset is due to be unveiled.

We’ve heard all manner of rumoured names for Apple’s next iPhone, and the online leakers still seem no surer of what the device will be called than before. Yesterday, we published a report with information from 9to5mac, which cited Chinese case makers who were adamant that the next phone will be called iPhone Edition.


But today, a new report from Dutch site iCulture suggests an entirely different name: iPhone X.

The report cites a “reliable source” that works for an unnamed global telecom provider. This source supposedly corrected predicted the 10.5-inch iPad Pro with exact launch dates, potentially lending him/her some more credibility.

Here’s the skinny of it. Apple is expected to launch three phones at its September 12 event. Two will be fairly incremental updates to last year’s iPhone 7, we’re told. But the third is said to be a special edition model in celebration of the 10-year anniversary since the first iPhone went on sale in 2007.

It’s this third handset that’s being tipped as iPhone X by the report. The article also notes – and is corroborated by 9to5mac – that the other two phones will be called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, rather than the previously rumoured names of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. We’re inclined to believe this will be the case, too.

Unfortunately, it’s still not clear whether the premium model will be called iPhone Edition, iPhone X, or something else entirely. There is precedent for “Edition”, as the most expensive Apple Watch model was called Apple Watch Edition. We’ve also seen the letter ‘X’ used to denote 10 in MacOS versions, so there’s precedent for that too.

The good news is that we’ve not got long to wait to find out the truth; Apple has already confirmed plans to host a major product launch event on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Auditorium in the company’s new Apple Park campus. Stay tuned.


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