About Google Play Protect and How to Enable or Disable?

Google Play Protect: For a perceived lack of security, Android has often had a bad rap, and its defenders have always claimed that the benefits of an open eco system far outweigh the negatives. Whichever camp you have in, for our connected devices the fact remains that we do need robust security.

And with a look towards doing just that, Google newly rolled out a new feature called ‘Google Play Protect’ that has announced during the Google I/O event back in May. And around the subject on social media, there has a lot of chatter, Online message boards, and Android forums; not many are completely sure about what it brings to the table and how it likely to protect us from rogue developers.

What is Google Play protect?

Google Play Protect and How to Enable or Disable

Google Play Protect is nothing but a feature that an evolution of the company’s “Verify Apps” service that has rolled out to Android many years ago. By default, the feature has enabled on all the Android devices.

The feature has meant for a real time malware scanner that will scan every installed or about to have installed the app and inform users in case there has something amiss. At the Google, I/O developer conference last May, the search giant had announced Google Play Protect back but has only started rolling it out internationally this week to all Android devices running Google Play Services 11 or later.

So if you won’t use a forked version of Android, it doesn’t ship with Google Play Store, and you should get it on your device pretty soon if you haven’t already.

Is Google Play Protect is on your Android device? How to check:

Within your phone settings, the Google Play Protect toggle is actually behind pretty broad and cannot access via the play store app. First, go to settings> Google> Scurity> Google Play Protect to check which apps have scanned automatically and how long it scanned.

How to enable or disable the Googleplay Protect:

With the Google Play services, Google Play Protect has already started rolling out to devices, and it will also have turned on by default means all the installed apps on your device which has frequently scanned for malware by the service.

You can disable Google Play Protect on your device by following a few steps if you don’t want automatic scanning of your devices. It is desirable that you keep it on for your and your device safety unless you know what you are doing.

In the same settings, you can find the option to enable or disable Google Play Protect Settings> Google> Security> Google Play Protect page, there you find an option “scan device for security threats” and “improve harmful app detection.”

How will Google Play Protect keeps the Android device safe?

On the Google Play Store, Google Play Protect has designed to scan for malware and on your device but not on the third party websites and an app store that hosts Android apps. If you have to still install an app from a different app store that the service will still alert you that Google deems dangerous. By going over to the Google Play Protect option, you can check the status of your installed apps in the manner described above.

There you can know when the last scan has performed on the device, and you will also find a list of potentially harmful apps. You will also see verification badges on the Google Play Store once Google completes its full implementation of Play Protect the way it meant to have rolled out by listing page of every app.

Once it implemented, users can understand quickly about the safety of each app before installing on your phone.

Once Google completes the whole process regarding the roll out of Play Protect, we can see the verification badges on the Play Store listing page. It will be easy for the users to understand about each app before installing the apps on our phone. If our downloads are free from the malware, we can see the ‘No Problems Found’ label on the top of our update.

Will Google Play Protect Disable the Third-Party App Stores or Prevent Side loading?

One thing that is in the mind of the users is whether the Google will guide the Android eco-system.

At present, the Google Play Protect will not create any problems with the third-party app stores. It will not even cause the problems to the APK files present on other websites also.

Is there any Privacy Relates with Google Play Protect?

Protecting our devices from the free malware practices is necessary. Google can detect which apps came through the Google account and to which devices they will come.

We can use the Google-Speak for downloading the non-Play Store.

Can Google Play Protect Perform What it’s Promising?

Many people blamed the Google for not taking the Android Security seriously. Surely, it will be the welcome move towards the definite step in the right direction. Some observers and commentators are working seriously on the way to implement the freedoms of Android. It is further attempting to gather the information regarding the customer behavior. If the Google starts to cut down the number of malicious apps present on the Play Store, then it certainly will be the welcome step.

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